Fully integrated audio visual solutions for commercial, corporate and education environments.



We offer a very wide range of audio visual solutions to meet every situation and environment. We firmly believe in providing our customers with an installation that will work for their individual requirements which is why we keep up-to-date with the latest products and technologies the market has to offer. You can find out more about some of the solutions we offer below.

  • Projectors, screens and interactive displays

    A must for any boardroom, meeting room, classroom or training facility, these are fail-safe visual display options which help engage audiences and bring presentations to life. When it comes to selecting the right projector with so many makes and models of projector available it can be hard to know where to start. And that's without considering factors such as throw distances and room brightness.

    Finding the right projector is only part of it

    We also offer a wide range of screens from simple pull-down units to ceiling-recessed electric screens and, if you need an interactive option, Clevertouch, SMART boards and other interactive displays are available – click here to find out more about interactive display options. At JB-AV we use our experience and knowledge to recommend a solution that will work best in your individual each situation.

  • Interactive displays

    The interactive display sits at the heart of the modern classroom and has become a much-loved and trusted option.

    To help you engage with your audience from early years through to higher education and corporate training, we offer a range of interactive whiteboards from Smart, Clevertouch and Promethean. Featuring technology including latest touchscreen functionality such as multi-touch that allows multiple users to interact simultaneously and gesture control combined with FULL HD and 4K, high brightness and anti glare as standard, images are always clearly visible.

    All makes and models of interactive displays are available from JB-AV so if you have a preferred product get in touch today.

Wireless collaboration and presenting

Kramer's range of Via products are at the forefront of wireless collaboration and are proving very popular with our customers. The Via Connect Pro, Via Campus and Via Collage provide complete wireless presentation solutions that allow users with a laptop or mobile device to view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.

What's more, with screen sharing and collaborative working becoming more of a focus for business and organisations, this solution can show the screens of up to four users on the main display.

Control systems

When it comes to preparing a presentation or meeting, nobody wants to add worrying about getting the AV system up and running into the mix.

We believe that in order for users to get the best out of their AV installs, simplicity is crucial. That's why we advocate control systems from Kramer and Creston that can do away with the need for multiple remote controls and complicated start up procedures and get everything ready-to-use in seconds at the touch of a button.

This is especially important when it isn't possible to train everybody who will be using the equipment – intuitive use without complicated instructions is essential. Lots of people find using AV equipment a bit daunting and confusing. So streamlining its operation into a user-friendly and robust control system will ensure that everyone is happy and confident ensure that everyone is happy and confident it will work as it should.

We offer control systems that fully automate all the functions in the room - wireless, tablet-based, wall-mounted or table-top flip-up units enable control of all audio visual equipment, lighting, climate control and window blinds from one place.

Digital signage
  • As well as providing useful information, updates and signposting, digital signage has the power to grab attention and influence the buying decisions of customers and end users. Digital signage is an established way of communicating information with text, images and videos and its usages are virtually limitless. It can be used to deliver public and internal information, brand and advertising messages and also provide an interactive 'self-service' function which is proving popular with customers and consumers in all industries and sectors from retail and travel to health and education.

  • Screens can be individually mounted or configured in large format video wall design and can be easily tailor-made for specific locations, events and viewing audiences to deliver visually stimulating and creative promotional sales messages that influence decisions at point of purchase.

    Digital signage offers the ability to update content in-house and syndicate it across any number of screens at the touch of a button.

Connectivity and cabling

When it comes to presentations, the projector or screen is only one half of the equation.

Reliable and simple connections with laptops, tablets or other mobile devices for sound and visuals is the other main requirement. We offer a range of approaches from cabling hidden away in floors, wall or ceilings to bespoke wall or table-mounted input plates. It's even possible to do away with cables completely with our wireless connectivity options. This takes away the inconvenience and hassle of providing a range of different adapters or connectors and makes for a more streamlined environment with no unsightly cables run across meeting tables.